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I might look ok on the outside, but there are many hidden issues when you have #MS and #Fibromyalgia I deserve to see my daughter grow up, & live my life to its fullest w/my husband. I’m 47 & #immunocompromised w/#horseshowgoals #COVID19 #HighRiskCovid19 #equestrian #NJ
2020 marks the 45th Anniversary of DAD. The breed show has seen so many remarkable horses in the ring through the years. Will your horse be one of the big winners this year? What are you doing at this time of year to get your horses ready? Share your #horseshowgoals 👇
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#horseshowgoals ... when they bring in a shaved ice truck...and an ice cream truck...and puppies! Thank you for putting on a great show @maffittlake Time flies!!! Back at home this week and catching up and (gasp)……
@fwssr has the best crew I've ever seen. They're more precise than a NASCAR team & nicer than Disney greeters! @AQHA #DDBHC#HorseShowGoals
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@Noelle_Floyd must be nice to tan and watch Top Class show jumping. #horseshowgoals