AWS cloud expert, hobbyist photographer, aspiring outdoor chef. Love to travel. (Opinions are my own.)

Dallas, TX
Joined September 2010
Nogi Jiujitsu this evening
New hobby starting in 15 minutes 😁
Lol, ⁦@USAA⁩ trying to entice me to do a survey with a potential reward being more time out of my life 😂
@USAA I don’t think you understand how incentives work
If you’re a hair stylist (or other professional) that operates as an independent contractor, don’t guilt me into tipping with your payment system. You get to set your own prices, so charge what you feel your services are worth.
New year, new employee discount code.
Happy NYE here from Dallas where it’s 70 degrees 😁
July in Christmas. 81☀️here in Houston.
Thinking about getting on Facebook just to be able to sell stuff on Marketplace. God help me.
Best re:Invent seat in the house.
First concert in two years!
Waiting for a Kubernetes cluster to update, I now understand how people who learned to program on punch cards must have felt.
Nothing says “we value your privacy” more than a big fat “agree” button when you first visit a website 😡
@fedex has never even made one attempt in the past 3 days that my package was supposed to be here.
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Maybe I need to be a dog photographer? Just finished visiting my sister in Minnesota. Absolutely beautiful here!
Won $350 at bingo tonight. I’m officially an old person.
I’m thinking about planning an epic vacation to Patagonia for my 40th birthday. Any thoughts or suggestions?