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If you're not familiar with the term "limited hangout," you should probably look into it ... because we have just entered the limited hangout phase of the official Covid narrative.
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Covid propagandists like Fauci are going to pretend that the manipulation of "Covid deaths" and "hospitalization" statistics is new, and only applies to Omicron ... but the statistics have been manipulated from March 2020.
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When each side is so blinded by politics that they refuse to believe anything that comes out of the other side's mouth, and will go out of their way to attempt to disprove it, rather than consider whether it has merit, we've got a problem.
Where the hell did Omicron spring from? Another great piece from Mathew Crawford's 'Rounding the Earth'.…
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"Believe science" is an oxymoron. Science is not a religion followed with blind faith. Science is ever-evolving public knowledge based on facts and, by its very definition, demands criticism, challenges existing positions & requires understanding, open discourse/debate & evidence
Excellent to see this commitment from @wellcometrust and @gatesfoundation to @CEPIvaccines. Looking forward to the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit here in the UK in March as we continue CEPI’s vital work on vaccine development.…
Remember Pandemrix, the Swine Flu vaccine that caused incurable narcolepsy in children in 2009? It was only discovered because of the high number of adverse events compared to the other vaccine. Why did pharma allow Covid vaxes to be mixed & matched? Muddying the waters perhaps?
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Covid policies created 500 new billionaires and led to the greatest upward wealth transfer in modern history. These policies were all justified through inflated covid statistics. It wasn’t an innocent mistake that deaths “with covid” were counted as “from covid” - it was fraud.
Every day that goes by... - more people acquire immunity - a less deadly variant becomes more dominant - we get closer the season where Covid rates will naturally drop. - there are more early treatments Yet many governments are still tightening the screws.
So much is an illusion.
💬 ‘There were 20 more patients in critical care before Covid than there is now’ On 02 January in England ➡️ 3,075 patients in critical care in 2020 (pre Covid) ➡️ 3,055 patients in critical care in 2022 (during latest wave) Discussing the Covid and hospital stats with @Iromg
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A great personal piece about why someone has chosen not to get vaccinated. And there was I thinking that nuance had been lost back in 2019.
Against my better judgment I spilled some 6000 words on the topic of Covid. This was a very difficult thing for me to write and publish. All I ask is that you approach it with an open mind.…
You are splitting up friends. You are splitting up families. You have split your nations. You are not good leaders, you are vandals.
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We're heading into an economic and technological black hole and all the powers-that-be know it. They're simultaneously trying to stop you knowing it, and engaging in a power-grab, the results of which will be their making, or their death.
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It's really amazing that the political faction obsessed with deploying a union of state and corporate power to silence their political opponents has somehow convinced itself that they're the ones fighting -- rather than constructing -- a fascist order.
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Seinfeld Today: Elaine spends six hours in a testing line, Jerry finds his new girlfriend less attractive with a mask off, George attends an anti-vax rally so he can get "super-immunity," and Kramer hoards rapid tests.
To be clear, I don't want anyone to get covid, I want this whole thing to be over. It seems a lot of people don't and that scares me.